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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Improving on line Image of "Filipina"

If you search for "filipina" in googles, yahoo or scour search engines, majority of the "Hits" will be about mail order brides, sexy dates and dating filipino or asian women etc..
Today, it is not as bad compared to about 5 years ago. Thanks to the campaign of a few of our educated women in the Philippines( www.filipinaimages.com), the filipino women on line image is improving. However, there is still room for improvement. Please help! Visit the website above for specific instruction. As a blogger and website owner(www.chateaudumer.com) and (http://planningtovisitthephilippines.blogspot.com) , I am doing my share to this campaign.

Global Intelligience Briefing

I just finished reading the report of Herbert Meyer given to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. His report discussed four major transformations that are shaping political, economic and world events as follows.

1. The War in Iraq, Terrorism, IRAN
2. The Emergence of China
3. Change of Demographics
4, Restructuring of American Business

I will comment only on #3, since in my opinion the problem of overpopulation will directly affect the economic situation of the Philippines in the future. In the article, the author mentioned that Japan, France and other countries with low birth rates are "dying" and their future is bleak. On the other hand the issue of overpopulation could also lead to economic disaster, which was not discussed by the author. I was interested on the birth rates of the Philippines as compared to the other countries so I did a google search which I am listing from low to high birth rates. The numbers are per 1000 and are estimate for the year, 2007.

1. Japan 8.1
2. Russia 10.9
3. France 12.9
4. China 13.5
5. US 14.2
6. India 22.7
7. Philippines 24.5

I believe the acceptable birth rate for economic reasons is about 15.
I remember reading an article last year that if the Philippines birth rate continues, it was predicted that in 25 years, the country will be over populated, thus create an economic disaster. This is something to think about. As a Filipino-American, now retired, I will probably not live to see that day happened. What can we do. I think we should start educating specially the poor filipinos in the rural provinces the danger of over population, thus birth control. Speaking of rural philippines, I have
talked and interviewed a few mothers in Marinduque who have at least 5 to 9 children during the time span of 10 years during our medical missions to the province since 1996. They feel powerless since having children is the fact of life and that is Gods will. Can we do something about this!!
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