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Friday, June 19, 2009

We are going to Las Vegas, Nevada, Again

Paris Hotel and Casino Photo from panamericanos.org
Next month,we are going to Las Vegas right on the Strip for one week. I was able to exchange one week of our vacation time from Lake Tahoe, our home resort to Las Vegas, Nevada through International Interval(II) Exchange Program. Exchanging via II is not that easy. Last year I tried to exchange it with resorts either in Cebu or Davao putting a time slot for 6 months,but had no luck. Requesting an exchange to popular places like Hawaii, San Francisco or Paris, France is almost impossible, even if you request one year ahead. Last week I was lucky, I got the exchange I want. Here is the surprising part of this deal. While I was surfing at the II website for availability for the time slot from June to December, I saw that several resorts in Las Vegas are available for the time slot I plugged in. Most of the resort are not in the "Strip" however, except for one. When I was surfing the resort I was interested in, it had only efficiency rooms available, so I did not complete the exchange. I waited another 30 minutes, then I saw that a 2 bedroom suite was available and I had only 18 minutes to complete the transaction. I immediately called my wife, if she want to go to Las Vegas again. She said yes, so I started completing the exchange form and as I fill the needed information, it keeps on informing me the time left of the availability of the the 2-bedroom. I completed the exchange in 10 minutes with 8 minutes to spare. What a hassle if you are under time pressure. Anyway, we are looking forward for one week of fun, gambling, site seeing and watching shows and enjoying the cheap buffet in Las Vegas. Note that I was also able to get discounted airline fares to Las Vegas from Southwest Airlines.
The article below was my write up about last Vegas, last year.

Las Vegas is one of my favorite cities in US. For gamblers, this is the city where they enjoy their fantasy of becoming a millioner. For the non-gambler, it is the city for entertainment and food ( daily buffet served in all of the casino hotels at reasonable prices). For me, although I am not a slot machine addict, I still enjoy an occasional game of pai gaw poker. For my wife, a slot machine enthusiast, this place is heaven until all her money is gone for that day. Anyway, I love Las Vegas. The two pictures were taken showcasing the MGM Hotel Casino( at night) and New York, New York Casino Hotel.
The other two photos were taken two years ago during our annual meeting( Marinduque International, Inc) finalizing plans for our medical mission to Marinduque.

Members of the Marinduque International, Inc Pre-Medical Mission Meeting in Las Vegas

If you decide to go to Las Vegas, bring a lot of money whether you want to gamble or not. Here's a video of New York, New York Casino Hotel, Las Vegas, NV.

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