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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Global Warming

The Coral Reefs of the Philippines
Recently,I was reading the Philippine Inquire on line, my daily habit after retiring. There was a news item that Dr. Joey Comiso, a NASA physicist emphasized that global warming will affect the Philippines more because of our biodiversity both flora and fauna particularly our coral reefs. I can not agree more. Dr Comiso said that even a small rise in the ocean temperature will have a catastrophic effect on our coral reefs which could led to a chain of reaction until all the fish and others living creatures in the ocean perish. Scary but possible!.

So what can we do as ordinary citizens? There are several suggestions from several authors of what we can do as an individual. But the most important one that I always remember is to reduce our carbon emissions, by helping clean our environment, and used less fuel. The government however, has a major role in reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the environment. For example by regulating emissions from tricycles, and diesel buses , requiring catalytic converters or more efficient engines will definitely reduce the pollutants in big cities as Manila, Cebu, Baguio or Davao. Polluting the environment should be punished by monetary fines. The fines earned should be allotted to the clean-up of garbage, wastes and the environment.
Here's a short video on Global Warming.
A Movie Trailer- An Inconvenient Truth-Al Gore

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