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Sunday, March 7, 2010

One more Month in My Island Paradise

This morning as I sat down on my swivel chair in the East terrace of our French bungalow, I can not help but remimd myself that Macrine and I had only one month more here at CDM before we fly back to Sacramento, USA-our primary residence.

As my daily routine, I partake freshly brewed coffee from newly grinded Batangas Barraco beans, before breakfast. Breakfast will be served later at the West Terrace by Cecile, our homemaker and cook. The national road is now busy with jeepneys filled with commuters and students to downtown Boac. There are also the regular vendors for bread and fresh fish and others that sells something I do not even know or care to know. There are chirping birds flying from one mango tree to another. This morning though I saw a big blue bird with white breast and black head. I took my telescope and aimed at the blue bird, she or he is indeed a beauty. She stayed for about five minutes and flew away. The Indian mango trees are loaded with fruits. In another month it will be ready for harvest. There will be so much mangoes, we have to give away most of it. No one will buy the mangoes, since almost every house in the neighborhood has at least one mango tree. CDM has 12 mango trees all loaded with fruits.
This morning also reminded me of what I missed in US. Since December last year Macrine and I gorged ourselves dialy with papayas, mangoes and bananas. We have also enjoyed the fresh fish and vegetables grown locally and purchased cheaply at our en farnmer's market every Saturday. Once or twice a week, we will have chicken, pork or beef. But the beef here is not tender. Cecile had to use our pressure cooker before the meat is tender enough for our taste. So what we missed is the juicy and tender steaks from Raleighs or Safeway in Sacramento.

Life here is almost boring, since there are no movie houses,or night clubs or casinos. There is only one decent restaurant in Gasan that serves German, Continental and Filipino dishes. However life becomes exciting when we had events here at CDM. This month we will have two wedding receptions, I previously describe in my last posting. The second event is the completion of my construction project. It is almost complete with sliding doors and windows scheduled to be installed next week. The adjoining patio will be tiled with Mariwas Masquerade beige tiles to match the professionally made drapes that Macrine ordered recently. The 27 square meters room will be air conditoned. The adjoining pation 18 square meters will served as a smoking area. It is only a couple of meters from the ocean on high tides. The room will served as a small meeting room as well as a dormitory style room for 6 guests.
Macrine and I are anxiously waiting for our 14 guests from Manila who will be attending the wedding of Macrine's nephere this March 20. They have requested to swim in our resort and after their swim we will offer them meat pies ( empanada) as a snack. We ordered 100 meat pies and buko juice ( young coconut juice) to quench their thirts in this summer heat.

The above two events are the one making our vacation here in my island paradise very exciting indeed. Good day to All my blogger readers.

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