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Friday, May 13, 2011

Senior Momentitis

Am I suffering from "senior momentitis" or I am indeed getting senile?. Last month while still snowbirding in the Philippines, I had an attacked of "senior momentitis". A specific case was when I misplaced my reading glasses. I thought I left in the computer cafe or maybe in the bank. So, I called both places and my glasses was not there. So I empty my bag and low and behold, my glasses was hiding at the bottom. Note that I had searched my bag twice before calling the cafe and the bank, but my glasses was not there ( I did not empty my bag though). So is there normal for my age group? I bet it is!

Currently, I have still a clear memory of past events in my life. My mind still get ideas on various subjects, I want to write in my blogs. I just wish though that someone invent a computer or typewritter that can type my thoughts or write an article without me sitting down in front of the computer.( I hate taperecorders) Even perhaps, a machine that can type my dreams while I am asleep. But I know this is asking too much.

Sometimes in my sleep, I get ideas of subjects I want to write, mostly related to my past experiences, childhood memories and professional achievements. Just recently, I vividly remember a "bullying event" during my freshman year in high school. This event I had already described in one of my blogs( my autobiography). I wanted to write about it again, but when I woke up, I felt it was too painful to write about it. But it reminded me, how I felt a couple of years ago, when a number of news articles were published about teenagers committing suicide due to bullying.

Now back to the sublect of senior moments. As one gets old, it is normal to suffer from this aging process. However, to insure that this is not going to an advance stage, one must use his or her memory on a daily basis. In my case, I read and write. I play computer games that require memorizing. As the saying goes, USE it or LOSE it! Good Day to ALL!
Below is a hilarious video about senior moments from Comedy Central.

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