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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My top ten favorite Blogs-Cure for Computer Addiction

Balcony of the Beach House at Night-Chateau Du Mer Beach Resort

Last January 17 to April 10, my wife and I spent our annual snow bird vacation in my island paradise-in Marinduque,Philippines. In our retirement property, I did not have a 24 hour direct access to the Internet. However, I could go to downtown BOAC, only about a 15 minute drive to check my e-mails, manage my blogs and read FACE BOOK as well as surf in the Internet if I want to. My sister-in-law owns an Internet Cafe and for 20 pesos ( less than 50 cents) per hour, I could spend one to four hours in the Internet every day without breaking my bank account. But during the above period, I used the computer only every other day, thus I was able to cure my addiction of spending at least 6 hours per day in the computer, as what I have been doing prior to our snowbirding sojourn. I was cured with my computer addiction during this time. Now I am back to my daily routine of at least 4 hours on my PC.

When I am in the beach house and gardens, I do not feel like going to town because of the traffic, noise and the heat and humidity. In the beach house, there is always an ocean breeze during the months of December, January and February and thus no air conditioning is needed. If I get tired of gardening, I could watch TV, read or just enjoy relaxing. But, if I want pizza, hamburger or Halo-Halo, ice cream or my other favorite Filipino delicacies, then it is time to go to town.

So with this in mind ( that is no 24 hour direct Internet access and no longer addicted to my PC), I am proud to announce my top 10 favorite blogs as follows: The list are not arrange in any particular order of likes or favorites. To me the 10 are all equal in importance in my enjoyment in reading them as often as I can.

1. http://liveinthephilippines.com
2. http://marinduquegov.blogspot.com
3. http://gawker.com
4. http://dennisvilligas.blogspot.com
5. http://my_sarisari_store.typepad.com
6. http://tourism-philippines.com
7. http://zelmarqs.blogspot.com
8. http://comedyplus.blogspot.com
9. http://www.ironwulf.net

Please visit the blog sites above. It will be worth your time. Do you have a favorite blog site? Can you share!

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