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Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Inefficiency of the Boac PLDT Computer System or its Non-Existence

Three years ago, I applied for a DSL internet connection for our retirement home here in Amoingon, Boac( see photo above). At that time, I was told that the waiting time was 3 months. Since we were staying only for 4 months, it was simple economics not to have it connected. I was also informed that If I want to use the same telephone number, I have to ask authorization from my sister-in-law to transfer the phone from her name to my name. My sister-in-law did all the requirements including a letter that she is transferring her rights of the 332-1338 telephone number to my name. The next year, I followed my application and was informed that they have no records of my application and the telephone number is still in my sister-in-law’s name. I reapplied and when I inquired how long it will take for the installation I was told four weeks. I decided again, it is not a smart decision money wise to have an Internet and Wifi connection also that year, since we will be using it only for about one month.

Three weeks ago this year, I decided I will apply for a DSL connection as soon as I arrived in Boac. We arrived in Boac Sunday and next day I went to the PLDT office and inquire about my application for a DSL connection. They have my name in their computer system, but the telephone number is still in my sister-in-law’s name. Again this time I called my sister-in-law and I let her talk to the PLDT representative. The representative told her to FAX an ID to their office and another letter transferring her rights to the number to my name. In the meantime, I have to reapply again for the 3rd time. I decided to do it, because I was informed it will take only from one week to 2 weeks waiting time. I was told PLDT will process the installation first and after that process the name transfer. I told PLDT to call me or text me prior to the Installation, to be sure I am home.

Exactly one week after my application, my door bell rang. Two PLDT Technicians told me they are ready to install my DSL and Wifi Connection to my computer. My computer happened to be 10 years old and had no port connection for the Internet cable. I called my computer technician for home service and after one hour my computer was cable ready. The technician was able to make my computer work for about an hour, but it was old and very slow. Moreover my PC Monitor finally conked out. I decided to purchase a new computer, monitor, key board and a mouse. For 15K, I have a brand new computer with a 20” Monitor and I am satisfied with the speed of the Internet Connection.

I have been using my DSL Internet for 3 days when this afternoon, I received a call from a PLDT representative asking for my sister-in-law. I told her my name and inform her my sister do not reside here and is in Manila. So she said maybe I can answer a few questions about the recent DSL connection in my home here in Amoingon. I said in the affirmative.

She asked me if I am happy of the Installation and why. I told her I am neither happy or unhappy of the Installation process. However, I am very unhappy that the phone number is still in my sister-in-law's name. I gave the representative the history of the name transfer and told her the company computer system stinks if it ever exists. She apologize, but I was happy I was able vent my frustration to her on the inefficiency of the PLDT computer system. The representative apologized but did not say, she is going to investigate on the status of the name transfer application. The next time a PLDT representative ask for my sister-in-law name regarding our telephone number, I will raise Hell again! I want to be sure though that I have taken my blood pressure pill, before I raise my voice in frustration.

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