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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Our Cook Special Pancit Palabok-Thank You Helpers and Relatives

Let me start this article by saying thank you to all our relatives, friends and helpers for this year snowbirding sojourn here in Boac, Marinduque, Philippines. We have several helpers this year, but the one we appreciate very much is our cook, housekeeper and Macrine’s Caretaker. Let me call her Helper V. Helper V not only cooks, but also do the laundry, sometimes market but also is Macrine’s primary caretaker during the day, 6.5 days during the week.

I wished I could take Helper V to the US but I know that is not possible with all the visa restrictions as well as Helper V family responsibilities

The other day, Helper V cooked us sinigang na prawns, and eggplant omelet with shrimps. Today she cooked us my favorite pancit palabok. ( see photo above). There are several recipes of pancit palabok in the web, but Helper V has her own secret recipe with one ingredient, that makes the taste of this dish very special and different from the other published palabok recipes.

Our other helpers are our Resident Manager and Driver ( Helper E) and his industrious wife, Helper C. Both are in charge when we have special events here at the resort such as wedding receptions, birthday parties and seminars. We have several temporary helpers- 2 gardeners, an electrician ( Helper R) and Master Handyman/ Mason/ Carpenter( Helper JJ). Thank you to our temporary and special helpers also.

I can not end this post with out mentioning and thanking my two sisters-in-laws. One sister-in-law is my financial manager here in Boac when we are in the US. She does an excellent job managing my accounts being an accountant. Again, thank you very much, Sister-in-Law, Helper S.

I also want to thank my other sister in-law (F) and her condo mate, HN. We stayed at their condo ( 3.5 days) during our arrival last February and will stay at their condo again ( 2.5 days) prior to our return to the US next week. I hope we can repeat our snowbirding sojourn next year, but with Macrine’s health status, this may be our last snowbirding here together. Let us pray and hope for the best and that Macrine's health condition will improve. Good Bye Marinduque for now!

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