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Monday, June 23, 2014

1971-1976: Photo Trip Down Memory Lane

Modesto Citizenship Party, 1972

Macrine and I showing off our Philippine Folk Dancing abilities with the Pandango Sa Ilaw( Dance of the Lights), Modesto, CA 1971.

Some of our Modesto, CA activities in the news, 1971

Bridge Night at SOS, our weekly activity, 1971

Macrine and I participating during the International Follies dancing the pandango Sa Ilaw,1971

The Katague Family enjoying a Flower Show featuring Camelias of the Central Valley of California, 1972

Macrine and Stan Ackers( coemployee at Shell and neighbor) sang a duet, Indian Love Call-a popular Broadway music by Sigmund Romberg, 1971

Visit to Fr Constantino Nieva ( Macrine's Uncle) in New York, 1971

Grand Tern Ball, Macrine with first Cousin Puchi Carrion, 1974

Visit with Jess Santos (a central valley Fil-American painter/caricaturist)Family in Ceres, California, 1974

Efren and Lourdes Katague Wedding, 1976

Erico and Helen Katague Wedding, 1976

Visit with youngest sister Amor( Knitz) Gregorio, Jaro, Iloilo, 1976

Knitz and Pol Wedding, 1976

Katague Brothers and Sisters with Mama Pacing, 1976


MSkouras said...


My name is Matthew Skouras, a teacher at Bergenfield High School in NJ, USA. I stumbled upon this post and feel that the image from Efren and Lourdes wedding would work wonderfully in a production we are doing. The styling, era, and love that is captured in the photo exceed anything we have been able to reproduce otherwise. I am seeking your permission to use the image in our 7 performances. We are a non-profit school group and the image will not be used for any financial gain. If you would like, I can share with you the video that the photo will appear in and explain it's role in our production. Please contact me at mskouras@bergenfield.org at your earliest convenience.

~Matt Skouras

David B Katague said...

Hi Matt: I talk to my brother Efren and he gave his permission to use his wedding photo for your project described above. I would appreciate if you can share the video with me. Thanks for visiting my blogs. David B. Katague

MSkouras said...

Hi David,

I appreciate you offering to let us use the picture. However, since I contacted you, one of the students involved in the production came forward with a comparable image from their family. While the image I inquired about is a perfect fit for our use, it is far more meaningful to use the one from one of the students. Therefore, we will no longer be using your image in our video.

Thank you for your time,
~Matt Skouras

David B Katague said...

Hi Matt! Thanks for informing me on your decision I can not disagree. Good Luck in your musical production. Again, thank you for visiting my blog!

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