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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Clarification of My Ancestry to the Lopezes of Jaro, Iloilo

In my search for my ancestral roots on my father side of the family, I had the following FaceBook conversation with Nereo Cajilig Lujan, author of the blog www.Javellana.wordpress.com

I specifically asked him if he has information where my great grandparents, Victoriano Catague and Marcelina Javellana settled. In addition, I wanted to know my ancestral link to the Lopezes and Confessors of Jaro. The following is our FB conversation that clarified and answered my questions. Thanks a million, Primo Nereo!

Nereo Cajilig Luján: David B Katague, primo, the grandfather of Benito Lopez was Basilio, a Chino Cristiano who was adopted by the Lopez family thus no blood relation to our ancestors.

On the other hand, the land where the Navalas church was built was donated by Don Miguel Jayme and his wife Carmen Lopez Javellana, sister of our Lolo Tinong (Don Cristino Lopez Javellana). The couple also financed the construction of the church.

Don Vicente Guingona, Municipal Treasurer of Navalas from 1899 to 1901, married Francisca Javellana Jamora (niece of Lolo Tinong, daughter of his sister Inocencia who married Juancho Jamora). They were the grandparents of former Vice President Tito Guingona.

Petra Lopez Javellana, another sister of Lolo Tinong, married Sixto Hofileña Golez, a cousin of Presentacion and Elena Hofileña. They were the ancestors of the Golezes in Buenavista and Jaro.

Melquiades Ledesma Javellana, the fourth child of Lolo Tinong, became Municipal President of Navalas/Buenavista in 1918. His son Abelardo Darroca Javellana also became mayor of Buenavista and later governor of Guimaras.

Your grandparents Victoriano Catague and Marcelina Lopez Javellana (sister of Lolo Tinong) also settled in Navalas.

David B Katague: Thank you so much for this information. This explained why we have a lot of relatives in Guimaras. Victoriano Catague was my great grand father. He was my DAD grand father. So we have no blood relation to the famous Lopezes? My grand mother was Consolacion Golez Jamili. I wonder what is her ancestral link to the Golezes mentioned in your blog? What is the ancestral link of the Javellanas to Tomas Confessor?

Nereo Cajilig Luján:
Senator Tomas Confesor, governor of the Free Panay and Romblon Civil Government during WWII, was married to Rosalina Javellana Grecia, daughter of Juana Ledesma Javellana and Celerino Grecia, former gobernadorcillo of Jaro. Juana was the eldest child of Lolo Tinong (who was also once gobernadorcillo of Jaro) and Lola Baldomera Ledesma. Juana was the elder sister of Melquiades whom I mentioned in an earlier post.

Our relation with the Lopezes is only through Mariquit Javellana, wife of Vice President Fernando Lopez.
Mariquit was the daughter of Ramon Joseliva Javellana and Leonor Virto. Ramon was the son of Julio Quimbiong Javellana whose father Ygnacio Javellana (married to Juliana Quimbiong) was the brother of Manuel Javellana (married to Gertrudis Lopez), our ancestor (father of my Lolo Tinong and your Lola Marcelina).

Note: My search for my Catague ancestral link to Bohol and Antique have not been answered. Again, if you are reading this blog and know of residents from Catague, Bohol, Philippines, I like to hear from you!

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