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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ten Commandments for those over 55

I received this posting from a dear friend from Marinduque. I asked her if she knows the author. She said she does not know but consented that I posted this in my blog. To the Anonymous Author, thank you for this posting. I love all the ten items particularly number 1 and 4. I accept #5. Commandment #9 is a subject taboo to most Filipinos. The subject of death and mortality is not openly discussed by most Filipinos because it is supposed to bring you bad luck. However, personally, I have discuss this topic with my family already, so when the time arrive, they will know what to do. You should have a "Will and Testament" if you have not done already. Your comments on this posting will be appreciated.

1. Focus on enjoying people, not on indulging in or accumulating
material things.

2. Plan to spend whatever you have saved.
You deserve to enjoy it and the few healthy years you have left.
Travel if you can afford it.
Don't leave anything for your children or loved ones to quarrel about.
By leaving anything, you may even cause more trouble when you are gone.

3. Live in the here and now, not in then...yesterdays and tomorrows.
It is only today that you can handle.
Yesterday is gone, tomorrow may not even happen.

4. Enjoy your grandchildren (if you are blessed with any)
but don't be their full time baby sitter.
You have no moral obligation to take care of them.
Don't have any guilt about refusing to babysit anyone's kids,
including your own grandchildrens.
Your parental obligation is to your children.
After you have raised them into responsible adults,
your duties of child-rearing and babysitting are finished.
Let your children raise their own offspring.

5. Accept physical weakness, sickness and other physical pains.
It is a part of the aging process.
Enjoy whatever your health can allow.

6. Enjoy what you are and what you have right now.
Stop working hard for what you do not have.
If you do not have them, it's probably too late.

7. Just enjoy your life with your spouse, children, grandchildren and friends.
People, who truly love you, love you for yourself, not for what you have.
Anyone who loves you for what you have will just give you misery.

8. Forgive and accept forgiveness. Forgive yourself and others.
Enjoy peace of mind and peace of soul.

9. Befriend death. It's a natural part of the life cycle.
Don't be afraid of it. Death is the beginning of a new and better life.
So, prepare yourself not for death but for a new life with the Almighty.

10. Be at peace with our Creator. For... He is all you have after you leave this life. Have a great weekend with your family and loved ones!!


Roschelle said...

I've got about 15 years to go but I plan to remember every one of these...or at least save a copy :O

David B Katague said...

Hi Roschelle, Before you know it, 15 years will be in your doorstep. However, there will be no harm if you practice the ten commandments now. My oldest daughter also in her 40's commented that the commandments could easily be applicable to those younger than 55.

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