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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Recent Addition to Amana Forest Reserve

The Latest Building Addition at the Amana Forest Reserve

The following are some photos on the latest developments at Amana Forest Reserve owned by Yong Nieva, Macrine's first cousin. Yong recently completed another building with living room and bedroom. It was just recently decorated by Ivy, Yong's internationally famous interior designer wife. If this is your first time to read about Amana Forest Preserve in Cawit, Boac, Marinduque and curious about this beautiful vacation retreat, please read my original article on Amana, about a year ago at http://marinduqueonmymind.blogspot.com

The following photos will illustrate the saying that " a picture is worth more than a thousand words". These photos were published in Alvin Fortuna's Facebook page a week ago. Alvin took more than 200 pictures during the Holy Week Break/Outing of Yong's employees at the Romulo Cafe Restaurant in Quezon City. Congrats to Alvin for his fantastic and beautiful photos at the Reserve.

The Three Musketeers( Me, Macrine and Yong) during Romulo's Cafe employees Holy Week Outing/Break at Amana

Macrine and Yong by the Sea -not really white sands, but clean and private

David & Macrine Katague, Yong, Mems and Lemon Carrion enjoying a quite lunch of Fish in Sweet and Sour Sauce cooked by Macrine

The original Cottages-note at the "Cogon" Roofs
Yong relaxing. But, where is the glass of wine? Macrine and I will bring a bottle from California, next time!
The Yoga and Meditation Cottage
The Romantic Bedroom
The Living/Dining Room Area. Where's the white sofa?

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Sidney said...

Looks like paradise !

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