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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Genealogy of Macrine's Maternal Side-The Nievas

It is summer time and time for family reunions. The Nievas of the World will probably be have a reunion in the Philppines or here in US sometime this year or next year. Hopefully, Macrine and I could attend this time.
Macrine Nieva Jambalos and husband, David Balleza Katague of Marinduque and Northern California toasting champagne during their Golden Wedding Anniversary, Boac, Marinduque, Philippines,2007

In 2003, there was a reunion of the Nieva clan in the Philippines organized by Rene Elizalde Nieva, Macrine's first cousin. We were invited but not able to attend. Rene wrote in his invitation that he is in the process of writing a book about the Nieva clan. He said the book will be privately published with limited printing which will include a general history starting on the possible roots of the Nieva family as well as the achievements of various members of the clan and their contribution to the betterment of Marinduque and of the Philippines. As of this writing date, I have not heard on the status of Rene's book.

In his invitation he invited all the direct and indirect descendants of the children and spouses of Calixto Nieva and Epifania Morente. Note that Rene is the great-grandson of Calixto Nieva and Macrine is also the great-granddaughter of Calixto Nieva , thus Rene and Macrine are first cousins.

I just can not believe that my six grand children are now the great-great-great grand children of Calixto Nieva and Epifania Morente.

Calixto and Epifania Morente had six children, four boys and two girls as follows (from oldest to youngest) along with their spouses.

1.Juan Nieva had two wives. The first wife was Isabel Decena. When Isabel died Juan remarried Elvira Sarmiento. Juan Nieva is both Macrine's and Rene's grandfather. He was the first governor of Marinduque and also the grandfather of the outgoing Governor. Rene and Macrine are first cousin of Jose Antonio (Bong) Nieva Carrion, the outgoing Governor of Marinduque.

2.Victoria Nieva married Doroteo Mercader

3.Dionisio Nieva married Salud de la Santa

4.Gregorio Nieva married Maria Arevalo

5.Jose Nieva married Trinidad Carmona

6.Rosita Nieva married Dr Angel Mayuga

Rene's invitation also included the descendants of the brothers of Calixto, namely Pedro and Francisco Nieva. It also included the brothers and sisters of Epifania Morente, which included not just the Morentes but also the Roceses, Abadas, Trinidads and the Kasilags. Incidentally, the Reyeses are second cousins of Macrine and the other Nievas of Marinduque.

This article will concentrate on the descendants of Juan Nieva and his two wives, Isabel Decena from Santa Cruz and Elvira Sarmiento from Buenavista..

Children of Juan Nieva and Isabel Decena ( from Oldest to Youngest)

1.Calixto Nieva married Juanita Jambalos
2.Blanca Nieva- single was killed by the Japanese during World War II
3.Elena Nieva married Bernardo Jambalos, Jr ( brother of Juanita)

Children of Juan Nieva and Elvira Sarmiento(from Oldest to Youngest)

1.Guillermo ( Willie) Nieva married Dr Celina Elizalde
2.Rosario Nieva married Ramon Carrion
3.Ester Nieva married Rafael Seno
4.Monica Nieva married Conrado Luarca
5.Elizabeth Nieva married Romulo Santo Domingo
6.Asuncion Nieva married Dr. Rafael Ocampo
7.Fr Constantino Nieva- single

For the purpose of this article, I will discuss only the descendants of Elena Nieva and Bernardo Jambalos, Jr. They have seven children as follows: ( From Oldest to Youngest)

1.Macrine Nieva Jambalos- married David B Katague from Iloilo ( that's me)
2.Sister Guia Jambalos- Order of the Cenacle-single
3.Bernardo Jambalos III married Loreta Mercader
4.Fe Jambalos married Edgardo Lazarte
5.Edgar Jambalos ( deceased) married Asuncion Pagalunan
6.Jean Jambalos married Mitch Maeda
7.Rosario Jambalos married Michael Levin

Note that Rene Nieva is the oldest son of Guillermo Nieva and Dr. Celina Elizalde. The younger brother of Rene, Yong is my partner in our literary project, I left my Heart in Marinduque ( not San Francisco). http://marinduqueonmymind.blogspot.com

Macrine's telephone buddy and first cousin from Vancouver, BC, Canada Olga Luarca Quiazon is the oldest daughter of Monica and Conrado Luarca

The outgoing governor of Marinduque is the second son of Rosario Nieva and Ramon Carrion

This posting continues with the offspring of Macrine Jambalos and David B. Katague. They have 4 children and six grandchildren as follows:

1.Dodie( Diosdado) Katague married Ruth Carver- They have 3 children, Philip Winchester, Alexandra and Marina Katague
2.Dinah E Katague married David E King- They have 2 children, Ian and Elaine King
3.David E III-single
4.Ditas Macrine Katague married Nick Thompson- They have one child, Carenna Nicole Thompson

Fe Jambalos has two daughters, Lanie and Ella
Jean Jambalos has two daughters, Yuri and Yuka
Rosario has two children, Carlos and Zehara
Asuncion and Edgar( deceased) Jambalos has three sons, Edmund, Nonoy and Jhun-Jhun and a daughter, Marilyn
Bernardo Jambalos III has five children and three grandchildren as of this writing date.

Accomplishments of the children of David B and Macrine J. Katague are discussed in detail at

Some Interesting Vignettes:

The marriage of Calixto and Juanita Jambalos was not approved by their father Don Juan Nieva. Juanita was the daughter of a barrio businessman from Laylay. During those time, if you are from the barrios, you are not welcome or accepted to the social group of the main town of Boac. The Jambalos family although well off were considered TAGABUKID ( from the bonies). Don Juan Nieva wanted his lawyer son to marry Enriqueta Nepomuceno, one of the popular socialites in Boac. When Juanita died, Calixto did not marry again. Soon Calixto also died and every one in town claimed he died with a broken heart. Enriqueta in the meantime was waiting for Calixto. Enriqueta never married and died as a spinster.

Blanca Nieva graduated from Nursing School at Philippine General Hospital and was earning well. When their father died, she helped in sending her half-sister Rosario to College. She supported her sister and spoiled her by dressing her up to maintain her place in the high society of Boac at that time.

Elena, is the third child of Isabel Decena from Santa Cruz. Isabel died giving birth to Elena. Elena was therefore nursed by the sister of Isabel, Regina Decena Reforma. Elena and Policarpio Reforma ( son of Regina) shared the same breast milk of Tia Regina. When Elena was five years old, she and sister Blanca as well as brother Calixto, were brought to Boac where their father Juan Nieva remarried Elvira Sarmiento from Buenavista.

Elena grew up under the care of Lola Victoria ( sister of Juan Nieva). They lived in the old Nieva Building at the foot of the hill leading to Mataas Na Bayan. Elena later went to college at the University of the Philippines and finished her Bachelor Degree in Education.

When Juanita Jambalos-Nieva( wife of Calixto) died during childbirth, Elena and Bernardo Jambalos II ( brother of Juanita) were made in-charged of bringing the corpse from Manila back to Marinduque.
During the trip, people mistook them as husband and wife. Their romance started then and later were married at the Boac Catholic Church.

Today, if I had to guess, there should be more than seven hundred members of the Nieva clan, just based on the six children of Calixto Nieva and Epifania Morente all over the world. If you include the descendants of Pedro and Francisco Nieva, the two brothers of Calixto, it could reached to more than a thousand Nievas all over the universe. If you are a member of this clan, please let me know. Someday, I may be able to trace the Nieva genealogy all the way to Spain, as I did with my mothers name "Balleza", several years ago. My e-mail is in this site and I am also in Face Book.


Ronie said...

Dave, I just read your genealogy. To help you complete the story, here is the Gregorio Nieva line (which you may know already). Gregorio and Maria Arevalo had 2 children Antonio (my father)&Lourdes Mila (who died early). Mila and Arturo Zamora had one son, Amando. Antonio and Teresa Feria had Veronica, Vicenta, Violeta and Juan Antonio. Veronica &Steve Ettinger had Jonathan &Kenneth.Vicenta&Emil Quinto had Edouard &Nicolo; Edouard &Traci Morinaga have Cade. Violeta &Mariano Arroyo had Manuela &MarianoJr. Juan Antonio and Irene Casus had Paolo, Monique& Franco. That's it for us!

Toto Nepomucneo said...

Hi, this is Toto Nepomuceno.

Tia Enrie's (Enriqueta Lozano Nepomuceno) father is Eduardo Nieva Nepomuceno. Eduardo was a Judge and have two siblings, Pedro Nieva Nepomuceno (Maestrong Pedro- a spanish teacher) and Tomasa Nieva Nepomuceno - also a teacher(married to a Leuterio). Can you please trace the family tree of Pedro, Eduardo and tomasa. thanks

David B Katague said...

Hi Toto: I just learned that Pedro Nieva is the first cousin of Juan Nieva, Macrine's grandfather. So you and Macrine are third cousins. There is another Pedro Nieva whose descendants are now residing in Puerto Rico. I have no idea where the roots of the Nievas from Puerto Rico are, but my guess is from Spain via Mexico. Have a Good day!

raphael montes said...

Hi "Tito Dave". I'm Raphael Montes Jr.

My grandmother is Elisa Nieva who married Pedro Montes. Most of our family still live in Marinduque while many of my generation are now working and residing in Manila.

If i'm not mistaken, your wife would be Tito Boy/Bernie Jambalos' eldest sister(?). Tito Boy went to school with my father (Rafael Sr. or to his contemporaries, "Taba"). And they know each other as cousins. I grew up being called "Nieva" by Lola Iting from her window everytime I passed by the old house with my lola. Marylin Jambalos was also my classmate in elementary--though i was not fully conscious of our blood relations at that time.

Well, I suppose you can say we are the Nieva's of Mataas na Bayan of Boac, we live on the hill where the cathedral is located.

As far as I know, my great-grandfather was Mauro Nieva (married Jacoba Oloroso). He had a few siblings who immigrated to Manila, Pagbilao-Quezon, an Pinamalayan-Mindoro. We are still in contact with some from Pagbilao.

My father told me his uncle was the former Police Chief of Pasay City. He even has a picture with Mayor Cuneta in the Pasay City coffee table book.

Lolo Mauro had 4 children: My lola Elisa (the eldest, former teacher, with 6 children); Benito (married with 4 children); and Alfonso (a priest, former professor at San Carlos Seminary)....I cant remember the fourth one because he died young.

But I heard Lola Suny (Asuncion) Nieva Ocampo say at the Reunion in Greenmeadows that our ancestor was Pedro Nieva. When I was a kid, I played in the Boac Cathedral a lot, and in the Baptistry (which is now closed to the public) i vaguely recall a Pedro Nieva "tombstone/lapida" on the wall of the baptistry. I don't know whether this is the same person. They could have removed it already.

I would like to help with the genealogy project if only my time would allow it. I always hit a brick wall with Lolo Mauro and his siblings. So I really can't make the connection to Pedro Nieva.

The book was a very interesting idea from Rene Nieva back then. But we too haven't heard about it after the reunion.

David B Katague said...

Hi Rafael, thank you for your comment. Yes, my wife is the oldest sister of Bernie Jambalos III. I know some of your relatives in Mataas Sa Bayan , Tess Nieva must be your aunt. Her daughter got married last year and the reception was held at our Hall-Chateau Du Mer. Two years ago, I met another descendant of Pedro Nieva in Makati. She was working then at the Somerset Olympia as a telephone operator. Indeed, the Nievas is a big clan. Have a good day and keep in touch!

Marianne said...

Hi, I can't believe I found this post! :) My grandfather is the son of Tomasa Nieva Nepomuceno. :) I'm working on our family tree too so I may be able to help with the Nepomuceno-Leuterio part of the family tree.

David B Katague said...

Hi Marianne, I am glad you took your time in making a comment on this posting. Please add any information on the genealogy of the Nieva Clan on your side of the family via comments section of this posting if you have the time. Thanks again for your comment. Cheers!

Marianne said...

Hello, it's me again. :) i was wondering if the book on the Nieva clan has been published already? The family tree i have from Tomasa Nieva Nepomuceno to the present day is quite long. It's on myheritage, though, and i can add you to the members with access, if you'd like. Thank you.

David B Katague said...

Hi Marianne, Rene Nieva has started a series in FB on the Nieva Clan of Marinduque yesterday. Yes. please add my name to have access to my Heritage of Tomasa Nieva Nepomuceno. Have a Good Day!

Marianne said...

Hi, Sir. I couldn't find your email add, so I sent you a message on FB instead. I will try to look for Mr. Rene Nieva's FB post as well. Thank you.

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