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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Latest News from the University of the Philippines Chemistry Alumni Foundation(UPCAF)

I am a Life Member of this Foundation. I graduated from UP with a B.S. Chemistry degree in 1955. This year is the Centennial Year of Chemistry in UP and for the first time members of the Board of Trustees held a meeting at the new Research Building for Chemistry just recently completed and furnished ( map above).

The construction of a National Science Complex in Diliman, Quezon City started a few years ago which included a new Teaching Building for Chemistry. It will be completed soon ( see update below). The first phase of government Funding was 200 million pesos and the second phase was 118 million pesos.

Last year, I had the opportunity to visit the construction site through the kindness of Renan Del Rosario, the current Chairman of the UPCAF Board of Trustees. Fund raising for furniture in the new building are undergoing. Last year, I donated to the Foundation 10,000 pesos ( about $200) through Renan. I felt good about this donation.. It is my way of saying thank you for the the educational benefits that I have received from the University of the Philippines.

All Chemistry alumni and their friends are encourage to donate for the furniture and other equipments needed in the new Teaching and Research Building. Please send your donation to UPCAF, Inc, Institute of Chemistry, College of Science, U.P., Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines, c/o Renan del Rosario.
Life membership to UPCAF is 3000 pesos for local or $ 70 for foreign membership.

The Institute of Chemistry (IC) is one of six degree-granting units of the UP College of Science and is designated by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as a center of excellence in chemistry.

The IC started as the Department of Chemistry in 1910 and was eventually reorganized as an Institute in 1987. Today it is recognized as a leading institution of learning and research in chemistry in the Philippines.

With the completion of two new buildings within the Science Complex, the IC continues its commitment to education, research, and extension services and in producing the finest graduates in chemistry.

Update on IC New Buildings

The implementation of Phase 1 of the construction of the research building and part of the teaching building of IC has been underway since last May 2008. Construction of the research building is expected to finish by December 2009. Phase 2 of the project for the completion of the construction of the teaching building starts January 2010 and ends January 2011.

The Project Team led by IC and Architect Lisa Santos ensures that buildings construction are completed on schedule and within budget by holding weekly site coordination meetings with the building construction management and contractor and representatives of the UP Office of the Campus Architect .

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