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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Purple Turnips-The Forgotten Vegetable

The Purple Turnip
After 76 years, I tasted my first purple turnip last night. Have you heard of this vegetable? Had it not been for our delivery subscription from Farm Fresh to You Products here in our area, I would have never tasted this delicious and nutritious vegetable. It feels like eating a radish but it is sweet. The common turnip is white, but this one is dark purple, and stained my napkin so bad. It also turned my poo this morning purple. If you are a vegetarian, these must be a vegetable in your diet because of its excellent nutritional value.

The seed variety available in the seed market is White Globe.

Unjustifiably a forgotten vegetable, turnips are very tasty and sweet. The mild roots are eaten fresh or cooked like potatoes. Greens are even more nutritious and considered one of the best greens for flavor. Purple Top turnips stores for a long time in the refrigerator (up to two weeks).
Shredded Turnip Salad

Benefits Of Turnip

Turnip is essentially a root vegetable that is a member of the Cruciferae family. This vegetable is usually grown in regions that experience temperate climates. It roughly resembles the size of an apple. The small and tender varieties are for human consumption while the bigger ones are kept for feeding livestock. The turnips are usually white in color from the bottom till halfway and become light purple, red or green according to the sunlight that has fallen on them, till the top. The leaves of the turnip are also edible and are eaten as turnip greens. Check out the nutritional value and health and nutrition benefits of eating turnips.

Nutritional Value of Turnip

Value (for 130 grams)

119.43 g

36 g

1.17 g

8.36 g

2.3 g

4.94 g
Total Fat

0.13 g

39 g

0.39 g

14 g

35 g

248 g

87 g
Vitamin C

27.3 g

Nutrition and Health Benefits of Eating Turnips

Turnips are cooked differently in different parts of the world. Some people prefer taking it in as a juice due to its high fiber content and immense nutrients. Some people peel and cut it into small pieces and cook it in low heat with some oil and exotic spices. Eating turnips will give you immense health benefits such as:

* Good physique and no excess fat because of low calories

* High quantity of Vitamin C and anti-oxidants help curb free radicals and destructive oxidation reactions

* Lowers the risk of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancers of the stomach, pancreas, bladder, and lung diseases

* Prevents and heals up a wide range of health problems because of high nutrient content

* Very rich source of calcium, phosphor, folic acid and magnesium, essential for all-round development of human body

* Helps prevent cataracts and cardiovascular disease due to large amount of lutein

Other vegetables not grown in the Philippines but available here in US are asparagus, artichokes, and rutabagas. I will post some information on these vegetables in my future blog.

Vegetables common in the Philippines but not easily available in local grocery stores here in US are taro roots( Gabi), bitter melons (ampalayas) and Kangkong.(These vegetables may be available in Filipino or Asian stores in big cities, however). Jicama sometimes called Mexican turnip is now conveniently sold in most grocery stores. Baby boctoy and regular boctoy( pechay), sweet pea pods, green beans, all kinds of peppers ( green, red and yellow),radishes, carrots and all kinds of onions, mushrooms and all kinds of salad greens are abundant here in US. When we are in Marinduque, we missed the salad greens ( lettuce etc...) as well as the several varieties of peppers.

Read more: Turnip: Purple Top White Globe | Garden Guides http://www.gardenguides.com/3014-turnip-purple-top-white-globe-seeds-bulbs.html#ixzz3qDZJf3t4

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