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Friday, January 6, 2012

Tips on Minimizing Casino Gambling Losses

I am talking primarily about slot machines. The slots otherwise known as the one-armed bandit is a favorite of majority of casino gamblers. Its the number one earner of most casinos. I have been posting in my blogs that My wife and I patronized the Indian Casinos every week here in Northern California. We also have a budget which is part of our entertainment budget. We used to attend movies, plays, musical theatre and eat out as our entertainment activity before our retirement. We no longer do that. Instead, we go the Casinos in the middle of the week to avoid the crowds. We also enjoyed the buffet at a very reasonable price. For the last four weeks, I have not lost any money from the slots. In other words, I play on Casino money for about 5 hours with a 45 minute late lunch break. On the other hand, my wife lost about 50% of her allocated budget. Here are some of my tips on minimizing losses on the slot machines.
1. Identify a slot machine that has better odds of winning.
2. Before playing look at the stats on the machine( only for new slots)
3. Play the minimum that will qualify you for the bonus feature.
4. Watch out for a machine that has been played and did not give the bonus play to the former player.
5. Once you hit the bonus, quit and go to another machine
6. Do not be greedy and expect to win a lot of money
7. If you are not an addict, take a couple of snack breaks
8. Last but not least, enjoy the day and stick to your budget.

Note: These tips will not worked if you are already a mild addict. You know you have a compulsion to play, because you continue playing for 4 hours without a break, never gets hungry and will not quit even if the slots has already given you a bonus play. You are also addicted if you play at higher bets. Higher bets ( from 1 to 3 dollars) per click may give you bigger winnings, but in the long run you end up as a loser and eventually a slot machine addict.


Anonymous said...

The casino marketing effort must be working pretty well, they keep you coming back, win or lose. Human nature also plays a big role in making you return constantly to feed their slots. If you can afford to play regularly, you can also afford to watch movies, plays, theaters or eat out at fancy places regularly. There are also other fun things to do in life which doesn't require an outlay of cash. People have to occasionally look outside the box to enjoy their free time. Have a wonderful day Mr. Blogger.

Nathan Chung

David B Katague said...

Hi Nathan, thanks for your comment and visiting my site. You are right on the marketing ploys of the Casino here in Northern California. On Wednesday from 10AM to 8PM, TVC is so crowded, that is wall to wall people, you have to wait for your favorite slot machine. There are several buses of seniors all over the area in attendance, hundreds of people waitng in line for the buffet( 50% discount- about a one hour wait), that my wife will never go the Casino on Wednesdays. Tuesday or Thursday is our day, because it is only about 50% occupied-no waits in the restaurant or slot machines. Fridays, Saturday and Sunday are also popular days. Sometimes, I wonder where the casino enthusiasts get their money to gamble. But for sure, the Casinos are making money. Have a Good Day, also and I hope you continue reading my blogs.

Anonymous said...

I admit I have a serious gambling problem. I have told myself many times to quit, and tried to stop myself from going, but have kept on returning to the casinos, losing so much money every time I go there. I try to set a budget, but can't seem to stick to it until I've emptied my bank account. I am beyond control and need help. I don't want to tell my wife or my family about my bad habit, I feel embarrased and shameful to tell them. What should I do? I need help about this problem.

Chris Dotti

David B Katague said...

Hi Chris, Call immediately your local Gambler Anonymous hot line and asked for help. You are on your first step to recovery by acknowledging your problem. There are usually 12 steps. Do not be embarrassed, tell your family. They are your support system and you need them for recovery. Please call Gambler Anonymous now. Thank you!

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