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Monday, October 29, 2012

Reelection of Obama will depend on the Battleground States

The undecided voters will be responsible for the election of our new president this coming November 6 from the three battleground states of Ohio, Virginia and Florida. That is my prediction. My wife and I have already voted. We voted Romney this year. Last 2008 we voted for Obama. My son has not decided. He said if the price of gas goes below $3.49 per gallon, he will vote for Obama. My other two kids are die hard Democrats and no amount of electioneering could change their mind. My next door neighbor is another undecided voter. He said he will decide the day before the election. This article below is the latest news on the Election about California this coming November 6.

The Christianpost.com reported on Saturday, Oct. 27, 2012 that President Barack Obama is “losing a big chunk of support he saw in the 2008 election” in California, a traditionally blue state with the most electoral college votes(55). If this trend continues until election day, we might have to say, bye, bye Barack!

President Obama still holds the lead with a 14-point edge over Republican candidate Mitt Romney, but the margin is shrinking, and is not nearly as great as it was four years ago when Obama won California with a 24-point victory.

President Obama has also seen a decline in support in New Jersey, which has 15 electoral college votes. Barack Obama has a 10-point lead over Romney in the Garden State, which is 6-points lower than the margin of victory Obama had in New Jersey in 2008.

Gallup’s daily tracking poll shows registered voters as split between the two presidential candidates, each with 48% of the vote. Among likely voters, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has the edge, receiving 51% of the vote to President Obama’s 46%. Barack Obama’s approval rating has also dropped, 3 full percentage points, to 48%.

With only eight days left until the presidential election, 24% of undecided voters who watched the third and final presidential debate are more likely to vote for Barack Obama, 25% of undecided voters are more likely to vote for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

270 electoral votes is needed to win 2012 presidential election. But there is a chance both candidates can have 269 each (a tie). In this happens, the president will be elected by the delegates in the House of Representatives which will favor Romney. The Vice President however will be elected by the House of Senate and Biden is favored to win this. Thus a Romney-Biden win is not impossible. This is the beauty of the US Election. Compared to the Philippines where the winner is by popular votes, there is a possibility that on Novemebr 6, Romney may have more popular votes, but Obama gets reelected because he has garnered 270 electoral votes or even more. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012. Exercise your right and responsibility by voting.

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