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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Near Panic Attack on AC Conking Out

I had a near panic attack the other day. This was the first time I called 911 for assistance ( WE HAVE RESIDED here in the US since 1960) for a non-emergency situation. I think I had a near panic attack since I can not remember any telephone numbers to call. My eyes were blurry, and my hands were shaking. To add aggravation to the situation, my computer was acting up and responding very slowly. My wife sensed my situation inspite of her PD and urged me just to calm down and relax. It worked!

This is how it happened as I remember it. It was 7:30PM and the temperature outside was 104F. This was the first three digit temperature in our area this year. Suddenly I heard our air conditioning stopped blowing cold air. I check the thermostat and it was 85F. I normally set the temperature around 79F and for the last 4 days our air con was working very well.

I looked outside our window and I could still hear the air con running and humming but no cold air is blowing into the house. I know there was something wrong so I turned the AC off.

I immediately looked into my files for the heating and cooling brochure of the company where we purchased our Heating unit a few months ago. I remember that if we purchase an air con unit from them in the the next 6 months we will get a $500 rebate. When I checked the drawer where the heating files was suppose to be, the folder was gone. I panic a little bit because I completely forgot the name of the Heating and Cooling company.

So I went to my computer and goggled heating and cooling emergency services in our area. My computer was slow so I got irritated. I did find several cooling companies servicing in our area. I started calling four companies. All I got were messages to leave a message. I did left a message to the four air conditioning service company.

By this time the temperature was reaching 86F. We have electric fans, but It was getting hot. I sarted to panic so decided to call 411 for information on companies that had 24-hour emergency services. I was finally able to reach one company and the guy informed me that all their technicians are busy and the earliest time they can come will be the next day in the afternoon.

Finally, I found the brochure of the heating company. I called them and I was told that my message will be relayed to their technician and wait for their response. When? No one knows!

I was getting panicky and thirsty. I drunk a glass of water. I decided to call 911. The phone rung about 8 times and after the 9th ring I heard the question, What is your emergency?

I answered that this is not a life or death emergency, but I need assistance to find someone who could looked at my air con unit as soon as possible. The emergency responder told me she will connect me to the 411 directory. Before she hanged up, she asked me If I needed an ambulance. I said NO!

Speaking of ambulance services, I had my first ambulance service experience about 2 weeks ago. I had documented this experience in my article titled Ten Hours in the Emergemcy Room. At that time I was not sure if My Federal insurance will cover it. Today I received my Explanation of Benefits. The bill had a total of $4,600. Lucky me my copay was only $100. Thank you my Federal Insurance Company.

The next day, a cooling representative inspected my air con unit. He changed the capacitor and the system worked. My total bill was only $274. I was so happy we decided to celebrate and went out for dinner and a little Casino Gambling. When we left the house the air con was working.

When we arrive in the house 4 hour later, the house was hot and the air con was not working. It was 8:30PM but I decided to call the cooling representative and he said he will inspect our unit again the next day.

He was here the other day. He checked the the unit and the problem was the compressor. The unit works, but it gets over heated and it turns off. Recommendation: I need a new unit. Cost will vary from $3000 to 4800. Since I am not very rich, I decided to order the cheapest unit which has still a 5 year warranty. The unit will be installed tomorrow just in time for another 3-digit temperature in our area.

Our AC unit was over 10 years old. I did expect it to conked out and this expense was no surprise at all.

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