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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Social Networking and Face Book

Some of the Networking Sites
There are several social networking sites in the web. The four popular ones are Face Book (FB), Twitter (TW), My Space (MS) and Craigslist(CL). I have FB and TW, but I like FB better, because there are several applications available for users. I love the Chat option and the Link option. You can also play games, like Farmville or Mafia Wars. But I do not play the games posted in FB. It is just an avenue for advertising. I play Bridge and Bookworm in the computer, however. You can also post your pictures, set up events and create and joined open and closed groups. I created a group, "Marinduquenos All over the World”. I joined the group, The Catague and Katague Clan and Marinduque the Heart of the Philippines. In FB, I was able to reconnect with long lost relatives, and linked my eight blog sites. I have Twitter, but you are limited to 140 words so I prefer FB. The Chat option of FB is sometimes spotty and slow, but I have chatted from locations in Jedda, the Philippines, Canada, Australia and other parts of US. I am happy with the Chat option. Try it, if you have not done it yet. You can actually chat with several users at the same time.

So, what are your reasons why you use FB. I guess you want to find friends in the Internet, chat with them and expressed your daily sentiments for everybody to read.
By doing so, it makes you feel better for you know at least one person is reading it. Right? You probably also enjoy reading what others are doing or saying. It is just like eves dropping on someone. Probably, similar to watching a reality TV show. Am I right?

I observed that most users of FB are young. You will know by their chatter and immature comments. But I have also several mature, intelligent and educated friends in FB. I believe most of my friends in FB are in their early 20 to 30's. I have only about 200 friends, and wants more. So, if your are reading this blog and used FB and are not in my friends list, please invite me. Again, I will be glad to hear, why you like Face Book and Social networking in general.

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