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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Latest News on Ecotourism in Marimduque

The following press release I found interesting and exciting. I have been promoting tourism in Marinduquue in several of my blogs( Marinduque Awaits you, Marinduque On my Mind and this site) for the last two years. Now, we have the encouragement and support of one politician. Thank you Bong Bong Marcos. May your tribe increased.

Environment-friendly Marinduque pushed as major tourist spot
(The Philippine Star) Updated April 18, 2010 12:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines - A move to fully maximize Marinduque as an environment-friendly major tourist destination in Luzon is being pushed by local officials in Luzon.

Ilocos Rep. Bong Bong Marcos, who recently visited the province, is spear-heading the move.

“Marinduque is known worldwide for its colorful Moriones Festival and that’s good; but it has so much more to offer in terms of world class attractions and facilities that we must and will capitalize on to boost tourism, spur economic activities and uplift the quality of lives of Marinduqueños,” said Marcos.

He noted that the island-province is environment-friendly and “that’s why no major catastrophies such as landslides and massive flooding occur there.”

“Once the Marinduque air and sea ports are modernized, a larger volume of local and foreign tourists can be lured to visit its little-known but awesome white sand beaches, dive sites, trekking and hiking trails
and a climate comparable to Tagaytay,” Marcos said.

A more modern air and sea ports in Marinduque, which Marcos is pushing for, will allow more local and international direct flights and cruise liners to come in, bringing loads of tourists and generating more economic opportunities in the area.

Marcos, who engineered a tourism revival in Ilocos Norte during his term as governor, pointed out that the Marcopper mining site, shut down for years, can be redeveloped, particularly its 18-hole golf course, housing facilities and hospital building for medical tourism.

Marcos is confident that Marinduque’s inherent beauty, charming people and the popularity of its Moriones Festival could easily draw tourists with diverse needs and interests, given the right support and approach.

A major tourist draw is Elephant Island, where several developments are ongoing. Marcos said other points of interest such as Paajao Falls , Bathala Cave, Malbog Hot Springs, Mt. Malindig and other secluded coves and beaches are just good and has good impact on the province’s environment programs".

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