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Saturday, April 24, 2010

The latest Political News from Marinduque

I found this news from Eli Obligacion's blog today. I found it revealing and shocking. This news confirmed my notion that politics in the Philippines are filled with lies and black propaganda. Most candidates ( I hope not all- those with conscience) will do anything to get votes and win the election. Why?- it is the pork barrel( MONEY) system. If the government eliminates the pork barrel reward system, only a few candidates will run. These are the candidates that are really public-service oriented citizens. The news discuss in detail that C. Reyes claimed the provincial government is bankcrupt. The article opens with the Provincial Government Cash Position Report as of April 19, 2010 and compares it the cash report on June 28, 2007 when C Reyes exited her position as Governor. Here is the report in detail.

Reyes Strike with Apparent Lies

"Cash Position Report, Provincial Government of Marinduque as of April 19, 2010 showing available cash at Php 266.8-Million plus. 133% increase from June 2007, when he assumed governorship.

Cash Position Report as of June 28, 2007, when ex-Gov. Reyes exited. Php 114.5-Million. Higher or lower?

“Bangkarote na ang kapitolyo. At kapag umupo na ako bilang gobernador ay walang masisimulang project dahil wala nang natitirang pera!” The speaker was Carmencita Reyes, candidate for governor of Marinduque, moving her arms to stress that point.

Let me translate the tagalog words: The Capitol is bankcrupt. If I win the election as governor, I will not be able to start any project, since there are no funds left.

Congresswoman Carmencita Reyes-Found this photo on the Web- Date of Photograph-I do not know, but at least more than 15 years ago is my guess!
Marinduque’s political matriarch has dominated this 4th class province’s political scene for 37 years, first as delegate to the Constitutional Convention under Marcos (1973), then as congresswoman, then as governor and congresswoman again. Reyes wants to return once more this time as governor with his son, former Congressman Edmundo Reyes, Jr. aiming for the congressional seat once again.

That she would deliver fiery messages in those terms are not a bit surprising. No one could and should stop such an exercise in free speech by a public servant of her formidable stature.

What came in as a surprise was when after the speech an incumbent board member proclaimed himself as “ako po ang tainga, mata at bibig ni Nanay sa Sangguniang Panlalawigan...” and “... kinukumpirma ko po na totoo pong lahat ang sinabi ni Nanay. Bangkarote na nga po ang kapitolyo..”

The speech of an incumbent board member, I will translate for my readers who do not understand tagalog " I am the ears, eyes and lips of Mother( referring to C. Reyes) in the Provincial Board. I am confirming that all what Mother saying is true. Indeed, the provincial government is bankcrupt.

Some of the mix of people in Brgy. Mercado in Boac Poblacion where the public address was made recently were left gasping for breath, mouths open, arms shaken, apparently shocked by the “truthful revelation”, but quite a few remained skeptical. It's the election campaign period after all.

Wouldn't Marinduquenos ever check?

Apparently, the Nanay was confident that no one, no one, and no one among her beloved audience would bother to ask, check, validate, investigate and would just believe her fantastic heart-rending story and long litany of tales - hook, line and sinker.

As in the days of yore. But then the same act was repeated the other night in Gasan town. This time knowledgeable local officials watching were appalled, knowing that the same scripted act will be repeated in the other towns with another incumbent bokal ally from the relevant district (2 districts are represented in the Sanggunian), taking the role played by the previous one. A game plan.

Bangkarote? That's defined as "n. a debtor that, upon voluntary petition or one invoked by the debtor's creditors, is judged legally insolvent. The debtor's remaining property is then administered for the creditors or is distributed among them; adj. "Having been legally declared financially insolvent."

Truth is, it’s fairly easy for any responsible citizen, especially those sitting as incumbent officials, to check or verify, particularly in this case, if there’s any iota of truth to whatever their claim. And it is incumbent upon them to speak the truth.

Or be punished for their outrageous tales. Some influential people have really began taking stronger positions resulting from this one.

Or is it so that in Marinduque, political candidates always get away with tales and lies confident that their powerless, and, to their mind "money-hungry" constituents ("pera lang ang katapat ng mga taga-Marinduque" is an oft repeated phrase here), would just believe anything that cometh forth from their mouths?

What's the real score?

Truth is, the Provincial Treasurer’s Office, with Maximo de Luna, Jr., as Provincial Treasurer releases on a daily basis what is called a Daily Cash Position Report on the Provincial Government’s General Fund duly certified by him. One such report (the latest), stamped received Apr. 23, 2010 at the Governor’s Office, reflects the cash position of the Provincial Government as of April 19, 2010, which states in unmistakable terms, and here I quote:


Certified Correct:
Provincial Treasurer

Now again, bankcrupt did she say? And no projects could be started by the elected governor whoever that may be, said she?

Now let’s check the cash position of the Provincial Government of Marinduque as of June 28, 2007, when ex-Gov. Carmencita Reyes exited then. Daily Cash Position Report for General Fund as of June 28, 2007, certified by the same provincial treasurer was:


Certified Correct:
Provincial Treasurer

A full increase of P. 152,297,623.45 compared to the 2010 figures, or increase of 133% from the 2007 figures by the end of Reyes' term. Note that Carrion took over from thereon.

But it all looks like plain and simple Black Propaganda propagated, not by political supporters or sycophants, but by the involved trapos themselves! That makes the character of this present political game more vicious than ever.

As regards the board member, of course he’s still getting his regular salary and fuel allocations just like the rest of his colleagues, inconsistent with his claim of the capitol’s bankruptcy.

Will Marinduque wake up and rise to the tune of “gising na”? Or sleep the creeping sleep of Death under the spell of the wicked wizards and witches of darkness and despair, of doom and gloom? ( Gising na means wake up)

Or maybe let's just all pray to God for sanity to reign on this our beloved island for once. Just this once. For in Him we Trust.

Said Carrion:

"A new spirit moves our people because of their new found hope and dignity. Most of all, the stark realization that we know ourselves even better now, as an empowered people capable of moving forward to chart our destiny together."

Thank you Eli for this report! Interesting and Revealing!

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Sidney said...

Politicians are people who, when they see light at the end of the tunnel, go out and buy some more tunnel. ~John Quinton

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