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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fruits and Vegetables in Season in California

I was shopping the other day at our Farmers Market and also at Sprouts Store specializing on fresh produce ( fruits and vegetables) grown locally. There must be at least 100 items you can purchase, but the products that are in season can be yours at bargain prices. I observed that prices here in Sprouts is oftentimes cheaper than in the local Farmer's market except in one or two products.

As most of you probably know California grows about 80% of all fruits and vegetables in the U.S.,so California seasons are, in some ways, the national seasons. Several products are imported from Mexico, Chile, Australia and other countries( bananas, mangoes, papayas etc...)

The following is list of fruits and vegetables arrange alphabetically for your reference and information. The one mark with asterisk are now in season here in Northern California. The list has about 145 items and more than half are in season right now. The list do not include the numerous varieties available for several fruits (apples, oranges, persimmons, grapes etc..) listed here.

Apples, late summer through fall (cold storage until spring)*

Apricots, late spring through early summer

Artichokes, spring and again early fall*

Arugula, available year-round but best in spring and fall*

Asparagus, spring

Avocados, classically summer, but now harvested year-round*

Basil, summer

Beets, year-round*

Belgian Endive, available year-round but best in fall and winter*

Black berrries, summer

Blueberries, summer

Boysenberries, early summer

Broccoli, year-round but best in fall and winter*

Broccoli raab, fall through spring*

Brussels sprouts, late fall and winter*

Cabbage, best in late fall and winter but available year-round*

Cantaloupes, late summer

Cardoons, winter and early spring

Carrots, year-round*

Cauliflower, best in fall and winter but available year-round*

Celeriac/celery root, fall and winter*

Celery, best in fall and winter but available year-round*

Chard, summer and fall*

Cherries, late spring and summer

Chickpeas (a.k.a. garbanzo beans), fresh in summer (dried year-round)*

Chicories, fall and winter*

Chiles, summer

Clementines, winter*

Collard greens, year-round*

Corn, summer

Cucumbers, summer

Edamame, fall*

Eggplant, summer and early fall*

Escarole, fall and winter*

Fava beans, spring

Fennel, fall through spring

Fiddleheads, spring

Figs, summer and fall*

Garlic, summer and fall (stored year-round)*

Gooseberries, summer

Garlic scapes/green garlic, spring

Grapefruit, winter and spring

Grapes, late summer and early fall*

Green almonds, spring

Green beans, summer and early fall*

Green onions, spring through fall*

Horseradish, fall and winter*

Huckleberries, late summer and early fall*

Jerusalem artichokes/sunchokes, fall and winter*

Kale, best in fall and winter*

Kiwis, winter and into spring

Kohlrabi, late fall through spring

Kumquats, late winter and spring

Leeks, fall through spring

Lemongrass, summer and fall*

Lemons, winter and spring

Lettuce, available year-round nationally but best in spring

Limes, late summer and fall*

Mandarins, winter*

Mangos, summer

Marionberries, summer

Melons, summer and early fall*

Mint, year-round*

Morels, spring

Mushrooms (cultivated), year-round*

Mushrooms (wild), spring through fall*

Nectarines, summer

Nettles, spring

New Potatoes, spring

Okra, late summer and early fall*

Onions, spring through fall (stored in winter)*

Oranges (Navel), winter and spring

Oranges (Valencia), spring and summer

Oregano, year-round*

Parsley, year-round*

Parsnips, fall through spring

Peaches, summer

Pears, fall*

Pea greens, spring

Peas and pea pods, spring and early summer

Peppers (sweet), summer and early fall*

Persimmons, fall and early winter*

Plums & pluots, summer

Pomegranates, fall*

Pommelos, winter

Potatoes, late summer through fall but available from storage year-round*

Pumpkins, fall*

Quinces, fall*

Radicchio, late summer through early spring

Radishes, spring through fall*

Radishes (daikon, watermelon, other large varieties), fall and winter*

Rapini, fall through spring

Raspberries, summer

Rhubarb, spring and early summer

Rosemary, year-round*

Rutabagas, fall and winter*

Sage, year-round

Salsify, fall and winter*

Scallions, spring through fall

Shallots, summer and fall (from storage through winter)

Shelling beans, summer and early fall*

Snap peas/snow peas/pea pods, spring

Sorrel, year-round*

Spinach, year-round*

Spring Onions, spring

Squash (summer), summer

Squash (winter), fall and winter*

Stinging Nettles, spring

Strawberries, spring and summer

Sunchokes/Jerusalem artichokes, fall and winter*

Sweet Onions, spring and summer

Sweet potatoes, fall and winter*

Tangerines, winter*

Thyme, year-round*

Tomatillos, late summer

Tomatoes, summer

Turnips, fall through spring

Watercress, year-round*

Watermelons, summer

Winter Squash, fall and winter*

Zucchini, summer

Zucchini Blossoms, summer

The five products that I like that is not in this list are taro roots, baby bok choy(chinese cabbage), bananas, papayas and Jicama (Mexican turnips or singkamas in Tagalog).

Reference: http://localfoods.about.com/od/searchbyregion/a/CAFruitsVeggies.htm

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