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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Are You Addicted to Television?

Just recently, I noticed that my time watching TV is increasing from 6 hours per week to about 10 hours per week. I watched only the 4 top shows, Bachelorette, The Voice, So you think you can Dance, Glee and occasionally America Got Talent, Dateline NBC and CNN News. Just last week a new show, Expedition Impossible caught my attention and I have feeling I will get hooked to it. I know millions of people watch TV every day if not billions all over the world. But, you will be surprise that I know two persons who had no TV at home.
Do you know of someone who is not watching TV? Is there a statistic of the number of household without TV sets? So, am I mildly addicted to TV? What is Television Addiction? Here is a posting from www.aboutlifechallenges.com that I find very informative.

"It is noted that the average person spends about three hours a day sitting in front of the TV set, which is half of their leisure time. And, it is known that heavy viewers report watching eight hours a day. The question is, “Are these people addicted to the television?”

First, let’s define an addiction. It is said that addiction is characterized by spending an unusually large amount of time using a substance that is addictive; finding oneself using it more often than intended; thinking about reducing the use, and are making repeated unsuccessful attempts to reduce it; giving up social activities to use the substance, and reporting withdrawal symptoms when one does achieve stopping the use.

Television can teach and amuse, and it does provide needed distraction and escape. Yet, the difficulty arises when one strongly senses the need to stop viewing as much, and yet find they are unable to reduce viewing.

Television Addiction - What are the Effects?In 1997, 700 Japanese children were rushed to a hospital to be treated with epileptic seizures. These seizures were later attributed to a program which was aired that involved an exaggerated version of the Pokemon game that had flashing colorful lights.

Laboratory experiments1 have also been done to study people’s reactions to TV by monitoring brain waves by the use of EEG (electroencephalograph). Those who participated in the study carried a beeper. They were signaled six to eight times a day randomly over the period of a week. When they heard the beep, they were to write down what they were doing and how they were feeling. People who were watching TV when beeped reported feeling relaxed and passive. The studies showed less mental stimulation as measured by alpha brain-wave production during viewing TV than if these participants had been reading. After the television set was turned off, this study showed the participants were still very relaxed and passive as if all energy had left them.

This suggests1 that TV viewing has a numbing effect, and reaction to the body is likened to that of a tranquilizer. Drowsiness occurs, and one may even experience depression as the viewing continues. A person actually disengages from real life becoming immersed in what is being shown on the screen which, in turn, causes excessive viewing; more so than anticipated in the beginning.

Television Addiction - How to Avoid It
Is there hope from becoming struck with television addiction? Yes, start here.

1.Keep a record of how much TV you watch and when you watch. Do this for one week.
List all the other fun activities you can do at home instead of watching TV. Place your list on your refrigerator so you can check this list BEFORE you turn on the TV. Consider fun things to do as a family, household projects you’d like to complete, outside activities, reading, exercise, etc.

2. Set a limit for how much TV you will watch in one week. Record your time and stick to your commitment.

3. Commit to exercising whenever you watch TV, such as walking on a treadmill, riding a stationary bike, etc.

4. Consider removing your TV for a set period of time. You might find yourself talking to your family again instead of watching the TV so much.

Note: If you think you are addicted to TV, ask for professional help ASAP.

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